arts and crafts ideas for Valentine's day?

arts and crafts ideas for Valentine's day?
ideas for valentine's day arts


Naomi:  What is really cute is this thing you make. Like a wind sock where you roll construction paper into a tube and have streamers coming down at the bottom (Maybe red, pink, and white for V. Day?) and you attatch little hearts to them and design the construction paper for V day like hearts, cutouts, markers and what not. Very fun and very easy for the younger kids.
2007-01-20 13:45:05
joie_du_cor:  You could go with a "sweet" bit of memorabilia with a Valentine's Day card. For something romantic, go overboard with roses and aromatherapy...
2007-01-20 13:46:31
Julia C:  You should paint pots! My friend did this for her daughter's party and it turned out great. Get a small flowerpot and red, white and pink paint and let your true artist loose! (This can get messy for little kids, so I would recommend adult supervision.) After you finish the decoration, put in a layer of red tissue paper, then a foam pad, then another layer of tissue paper. Finally, stick strawberry or watermelon flavored lollipops in the foam (tying pink ribbons on the stems is optional.) Voila- a beautiful "flower garden!" The great thing is that after the lollipops are gone, you can keep the pot for years to come. A wonderful craft!
2007-01-20 14:24:40
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ver ver:  yaaa like cut up lotsa little hearts and glue them on paper... and whola! u got urself a purty work of art
2007-01-20 15:33:39
amyg262:  i made a really nice arts and crafts present for my boyfriend for christmas, which he absolutely loved - a framed photo collage. all you need to do is search through all the photos you have of events that the person you are giving it to was in. try to get images from times that you know they really enjoyed, as you want them to feel happy whenever they look at it. it is best if there are not too many of the person - put in lots of photos of their loved ones. if you haven't known this person that long, ask friends for some (if they are digital images, you can get them printed - unless your computer printer is excellent, don't do it via computer - the images will look crappy& undetailed). then cut the photos out, with about a 2mm distance around the faces + bodies. arange the images on the paper, so that they overlap and you cannot (or can hardly see) the paper underneath. if you cannot find this many images, choose a nice coloured paper/card for the background and cut the photos into different sized squares, with spaces in between. now, depending on how much you want to spend, you can either buy a frame from any photo shop, or laminate the paper/card (if you are in australia, any officeworks will do it for you). if you laminate, make sure you write a message on the back! no matter what kind of person you give it to, this is a present they are guaranteed to love.
2007-01-20 18:40:20