Hand-made Valentine's Day card. Need suggestions?

Hand-made Valentine's Day card. Need suggestions?
want to do something cute and personal for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day so I figured, what better way than to hand-make a card? I've always just gone out and bought cards for people for holidays but I want this one to be special (this will be our first V-Day together. Our one-year-anniversary is ten days later on the 24th). I've always been great and creative with arts & crafts but what I'm going to put IN the card is kind of a puzzler. I was thinking about a cute poem or a saying. If you have any suggestions, please help me out. I can put my own spin on it to make it more personal, I just need a starting point. Thanks!


sam_freudiger:  what i would do is just be honest maybe open up a little bit to him write how you really feel im sure he'll love it if he loves you.
2007-02-09 08:42:42
Tulipan6:  I'd think a pop-up would be a great idea. It's not hard, just follow directions and write a personal message inside. http://robertsabuda.com/popmakesimple.asp
2007-02-09 08:44:06
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Jupiter583:  How about putting a whole bunch of pictures of you two on one of the insides along with other random romantic pictures: animals "kissing", a little boy and girl hugging or playing together, flowers, etc. that way it leaves you the other inside part to write anything you like. Just collage the pictures all together and maybe write I Love You or something of the like with a nice color marker or paint right on the pictures. If you want a more dramatic feel, try changing any color pictures into black and white or vice versa if you want a more warm feeling card although you may think the opposite on the b&w/color thing. Good luck!
2007-02-09 09:07:48
Elle:  You will find ideas about Valentine's Day cards and other things that you can make for the holiday at http://www.theartfulcrafter.com/holiday-craft-1.html
2007-02-09 09:58:02
cowgirl:  On Google I typed romantic sayings for cards, and this is one of those sites.http://www.allgreatquotes.com/love_quotes2.shtml
2007-02-09 11:07:28
Card Modeler:  You can try this site Canon Papercraft they have several card ideas The site is in Japanese but it is not that hard to manuver through. The down loads are in Pdf format and usually have 2 downloads, download both as one is the instructions. Print out the project on 110lb. card that can be found at an office supply ( Staples).
2007-02-09 18:21:49
24-7-365-mommy:  Something that I have done for my husband is make him cute little coupons.......You never stated your age so the coupons may vary from things like this coupon entitles hold to one free bedroom cleaning.......... or maybe one for A batch of homeade cookies ..... to adult things that he may like.. if your an adult it'll be easy. My husband really loved that gift. :)
2007-02-09 19:25:06