What to buy my g/f for her birthday?

What to buy my g/f for her birthday?
She's fussy in a sense, but she likes cars and tattoos, art & craft, cooking and collecting horse statues....but... i dread birthdays, valentines day and xmas day because i'm paranoid i'm going to buy her something she wont like.... i don't get time to go window shopping. She has no room left for statues and ornaments and if i get her something for the kitchen she'll probably bonk me on the head with a frying pan lol she never buys herself anything so i wanna get her something good. Any serious suggestions?


Barbara F:  Hello. I understand your problem very well. My husband has the same problem with me. But please let me assure you that we have been married now for a very long time and he has done very well. Anything i get from him is absolutely wonderful in my book because i know how hard of a time he has with it. Here is a website that you can look at to see if there is anything good. Check out the section called Gifts for Giving. And there are also some really cool Gift baskets there. www.eclecticboutiqueworld.com Good Luck
2008-01-29 06:09:26
phasedarray32:  Nothing better than making her something with your own to hands. She will always cherish that no matter the price
2008-01-29 06:13:16
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razorz3dg3:  Hey, Maybe get her a gift certificate for a tattoo or a voucher for a glamour photography session? Take her out to dinner.. somewhere nice where you have'nt been before?
2008-01-29 06:18:53
*sparkles*:  how bout hot air ballon ride or some nice jewellery. put some thought into it and im sure she will love it. just remeber it not about how much money u spend on it, more bout how much time u spend thinkin/plannin it
2008-01-29 06:22:35