Homemade Valentines Gift For The Art...defected...?

Homemade Valentines Gift For The Art...defected...?
okkk, well, girlfriend isn't very fond of valentines day, and rather shy when it comes to public affection, while I'm nto fussed, so i had to compromise for Valentiens day, and that was, i can't spend more than $10 on her for Valentines Day. Soooo, I'm in the art and craft department, i'm not the bestt with these sort of things, and she makes this difficult with the fact she's rather shy, but i'm determined to get this right. So, ideas for a homemade gift, other thann a scrapbook, or picture frame or anything with pictures really. We have ALOT of little inside jokes, and we were both really shy at frist to another, so we first only spoke over myspace and texts, and would like to incorporate those first"conversations" into it if possible, i want her to not feel embarassed by my gift, but smile and be happy. Thank you so much for helping!


lukedoerksen321:  Oh.. i know THE best gift ever.. i gave this to my girlfriend. she still thanks me ;). DONT WORRY ABOUT BUYING SOMETHING. Just Spend time with her. you dont even need to take her out to a resteraunt. Nothing. Just Rent a movie. Go to her place. Make some popcorn. And enjoy. Im sure she'll love it :D
2009-02-02 03:29:14
Victoria R:  Hi! How about putting together a scrapbook of your photos -- maybe include ticket stubs to concerts or sporting events, notes you've written to each other, that sort of thing. It's something you could do without a lot of strain. you could also do the same thing on a large piece of poster board. Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day! Best -- Victoria R.
2009-02-02 04:06:46
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B C:  Put in a jar-or some kind of container- tons of little notes. Every day she can pick out a note that you have written. You can include those conversations that you talked about and things you find about her that you love, etc. She'll love it!
2009-02-02 20:12:16