what are some good arts and crafts for little kids?

what are some good arts and crafts for little kids?
for volunteer work im hosting a party for girl scouts ages 5-7 (there isn't much for young girls to do and at this age they normally don't make a fuss over what they are participating in) but i cant figure out what kinds of crafts to do for this age group. its a valentine's day party and everything is pink and red. the only crafts i could think of was coloring pages and a craft i remember doing at this age. we took tissue paper, crumpled it up and dipped it in glue, then stuck it to a hear shaped construction paper. only this used a lot of glue and im not sure i want the girls to be covered in glue for the party... can you think of any good arts and crafts for 5-7 year old girl in valentine theme? preferably one that isn't extremely messy. the other thing is that this is my fundraiser for a larger project. im helping out the pinwheels project by donating stuff needed to children's hospitals. so any craft that could possibly in any way be used for the children's hospitals would be even better.


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LYNN J:  Go to grandparents.com and also oriental trading has craft kits for children of different ages. You don't have to buy the kits, some are simple enough you can just look at them and make your own version from things at home. Also look at Vacation Bible School sites. They have a lot of ideas. Did you google crafts for preschoolers? or craft ideas for girl scouts (brownies)? Valentine Crafts? Girls like to string beads and make jewelry - even young kids if you use BIG chunky beads (or fruit loops?) and yarn. For Valentines the beads could be hearts or all in pinks and reds. Another non messy craft - I remember as a child weaving (on a little simple loom) pot holders. If you go to the craft department at Walmart you will see many different crafts for children of different ages and the supplies for them.
2009-10-02 22:12:25