What to do for Valentine's Day?

What to do for Valentine's Day?
I am a mom and a foster mom. My husband and I have 3 biological kids and 3 foster kids. Our biological kids are 13 yr old girl, 10 yr old girl, and 7 yr old boy. Our foster kids are all boys 10, 8, and 5. We've had the 8 year old for 2 or 3 months and the 5 and 10 year old only for about 2 weeks. We don't know the 5 and 10 year old very well yet. This is the first year we've had foster kids. For Valentines Day, each kid gets one gift($10-$20) and one candy bar. The foster kids don't know they get something for Valentines Day. The 8 year old likes books, arts and crafts, he also loves swimming. I have a few possible ideas for him. The 10 year old is a bit of a punk but is slowly opening up. I really don't know what he likes. I'm not really sure he knows what he likes either. Right now, he doesn't do any sports or clubs. I want to get him involved but I would like to know what he likes for activities. He's starting to sit down and do homework, and then he likes to go outside and play in the yard. He has some friends at school and I think they play football or basketball most days before school and at recess. He eats like a cow but is very skinny. The 5 year old has autism. He has a real interest in remote control cars and books. I could always get him some new books or remote control cars but is there anything else I could get him that he would like? My 10 year old girl I do not know what to get. She is very girly and loves clothes, fashion, and make up. She's young for most make up. She has a subscription to a fashion magazine, she has so many clothes. My 7 year old is getting a red sox jersey on sale for $20. What are some gift ideas? What are some ideas for activities we can do on Valentine's Day? All the kids have parties at school so we will be baking and making cards the night before. And m 10 year old foster son has his own football which he doesn't actually play with that often and we have basketballs and a hoop, and we have just about every sports ball invented.


Helly World:  How about not celebrating a generic money spinner Holiday and give the money to charity?
2011-02-06 14:33:28
Frances Smith:  I love this idea it is so nice! I also love how you are a foster mom that is so kind of you! Maybe you could get the kids just like a gift card to itunes because every one loves that. Ask them what they want. Oh but if you do not want to give the surprise away then maybe you could ask them just like what is one thing you wish you had and slowly you will get to know them with questions like that.
2011-02-06 14:44:55
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Daycare Headquarters - starting daycare:  Check out my website for a fun, easy and cheap Valentines Day activity. http://www.daycareheadquarters.com "Stained Glass Hearts" is something for all ages and they turn out really pretty. Have fun! Angela
2011-02-10 11:49:23