HELP PLEASE? I need opinions about my Valentine's gift for my bf?

HELP PLEASE? I need opinions about my Valentine's gift for my bf?
This is our first valentine's day together (technically not spending it together though, sadly). He lives in another state (6 hours away). We met on the internet 10 months ago but haven't really started "talking" to each other until the school semester started around September. We made "us" official around Christmastime :) We webcam and talk on the phone for hours, and text all day long. We are very serious about this long distance relationship and plan to make it work. We've devoted and invested a lot of time and effort and we want to spend our future together. He plans to come visit me this summer. We are both mature adults, still in college (He is 19, and I am 21). Anyways, we are both each other's very first Valentines and we wanted to make each other's day very special. According to my friend (whom he went to in secret, to ask for help), he is sending me a huge bouquet of orchids (worth more than $50, which are my fav. flowers) and he also made me something homemade and is sending me his hoodie with his scent on it. I bought him a Spongebob Snuggie (Spongebob is one of his most favorite things), and a Sock Monkey Hat (because I know he loves hats), which totalled around $25. I will spray them with my perfume so he knows what I smell like, too :) I feel like my gift is small compared to his though, so I also want to bake him a batch of his favorite cookies and mail them to him. I was planning to create a little arts&crafts thing such as a Love Coupon Book, which little things like "Good for one free homemade dinner, Good for one breakfast in bed, etc" IDK :( Should I do more? Should I just send the things I bought and not do anything else? I'm a horrible baker but I feel like I should also do something personal and heartfelt :/ HELP PLEASE?


Delilah:  axe collection.
2011-02-10 17:10:13
Cliff:  Do what you feel is right if you don't feel guilty so be it and if you do try a bit more though that need maybe stay unsatisfied long as he knows you love him its that simple
2011-02-10 17:14:21
Sophie: provides Valentine's Gift Buying Guides for Him / Her. Check this out
2011-02-11 21:34:53