How much should I charge for baby sitting?

How much should I charge for baby sitting?
The children are age 6 to 7. I have them for for six hours a day, five days a week, about 40 weeks a year. I care for them, teach them to read, and write, and add, and subtract. I teach them to get along with each other, to respect differences, to love their parents, their community, city, and country. I teach them to love one another and their neighbor. I teach them to tie their shoes, button their coats and use an umbrella. We enjoy drawing and learning about primary colors. We make arts and crafts. We learn about geography and history. How to use the bathroom. Just so many wonderful things they start to believe they too are wonderful and can do great things here, at home and for our country. Many times I use my own money to buy things to make their days and learning special. I cannot refuse them a treat during holidays or provide them with the tools to send mom or dad Happy Valentines or Happy Mothers Day.... As a sitter mom and dad can go make some real money. What to charge ?


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knowsitall:  I would charge as much as you think the mother can afford. It should be $150 a week for each but if you want to and the mother is poor then less. It depends on what area of the ocuntry you are in and what the neighborhood is like. If the houses where you live are $600,000 and up then charge about $300 per child and if the houses are $100,000 then charge $125 per child. If it is a low priced place with just apartment buildings you can charge less. Find out what the others are charging that do what you are doing. Charge the same as them.
2006-04-25 23:38:38
bj812201:  It sounds like you have been looking after these kids for a while. How come you are only asking about pay now? It will be quite hard to change what they are already paying you unless they have brought up the question of a raise. Also, it would help to know which country you live in and what type of area you live in. If it is a wealthy area with wealthy families you can afford to charge more. Also, if you need to drive the kids around, do you include petrol price? I would have a look at the award for childcare workers in your area and as for that amount. In Australia, you can look at the Industrial Relations website to find out what the award is. Childcare workers are classed under "miscellaneous workers" and I think they get about $18 AUD an hour. I hope this helps.
2006-04-25 23:41:17
cuz_n_ deb:  You could charge at least minimum wages , whatever that is in your state . That is what I pay my occasional sitter
2006-04-25 23:42:56