Hade-made Valentine's Day card. Suggestions for cute sayings?

Hade-made Valentine's Day card. Suggestions for cute sayings?
I want to do something cute and personal for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day so I figured, what better way than to hand-make a card? I've always just gone out and bought cards for people for holidays but I want this one to be special (this will be our first V-Day together. Our one-year-anniversary is ten days later on the 24th). I've always been great and creative with arts & crafts but what I'm going to put IN the card is kind of a puzzler. I was thinking about a cute poem or a saying. If you have any suggestions, please help me out. I can put my own spin on it to make it more personal, I just need a starting point. Thanks!


amber:  Roses are red dirt is brown please be my valentine or else I'll frown
2007-02-09 07:14:31
Craig C:  make a collage of pictures of the both of you, that way you guys can save it forever!!
2007-02-09 07:15:13
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medula:  I made one once that turned out really cute. On the front I put pics of us from one of those photo booths (the whole strip-4) & all around the edge I wrote out a poem that I got off a V-day card (which was what I first was going to give my bf but wanted to do something more personal). On the inside I talked about how we first met & all that lovey-dovey stuff. Oh, I also used my scrapbook stuff to make the card. I used a pink piece of paper & folded it in half, put the pics on a red pc. & used those crazy scissors to make a cool edge, then I glued it on the front. I wrote on it with a darker pink sharpie marker. I was really surprised about how good it turned out. Good luck........
2007-02-09 07:19:57
J.T.:  I had someone take a picture of me doing my best "Thinker" pose and I glued the pic on the outside of my card. On the inside, I wrote, "I think you should have a Happy Valentine's Day." You can decorate the rest however you want. It's cute and it can be applied to pretty much any holiday card.
2007-02-11 13:56:14