Good valentine's art work crafts(not for kiddie)?

Good valentine's art work crafts(not for kiddie)?
It's only how many more days till valentine,and im kinda late on my girl something.So istead of getting her something what a better way of making something for her instead.We have been going out now for a month. WhA?!?! just a month yes.Just a month,so i really want to make this special! for her.If you have anygood art work crafts pls share them to me. :] -Happy Valentine's!


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Diane B.:  There are a lot of Valentine and heart-related things made with polymer clay (inlcuding lessons) on this page at my site (and sometimes other materials too). Many of them could be made with other "clays" though, even bread clay... or possibly non-clay materials... or the photos could just inspire lots of general ideas. Look on this page: ...then click on *Valentine's Day* near the bottom of the list...) HTH, Diane B.
2007-02-11 12:55:58
mmshall:  you could make chocolate roses: Hershey kisses, wooden skewers, cellophane (red), floral tape, some silk leaves. 1st take a skewer and insert it into the top of a hershey kiss 2nd take a second hershey kiss and put it ontop of the first one 3rd take a small square piece of cellophane and put it over the kisses and twist 4th take a leaf and hold it against the kisses at the base and start wrapping with floral tape if you do 12 of them buy a glass from a loonie store and some glass rocks and put them in For the card: Put Roses are Red Violets are Blue This chocolate bouquet was made especially for you.
2007-02-11 15:32:01
Shannon W:  How about a handmade valentine's card. I found some great ideas on,1789,HGTV_3352_1735223,00.html
2007-02-11 18:39:30
psyclum:  abit late, but girls seem to like this idea
2007-02-14 14:52:07