any ideas for themes for a children's activity day?

any ideas for themes for a children's activity day?
I work at a family centre with disadvantaged children. During the half term holiday i will be organising an activity day for children aged 5-11, these activities usually include some baking, some arts and crafts and games and last for 4 hours. Usually they have a theme such as halloween, easter, chinese new year, friendship, 'under the sea'. I'm stuck for ideas for this half term. Had thought of valentine's day but it's a mixed group so not sure the boys would appreciate this!! Any ideas??


Bruce Denney:  Italian day: make pasta from flour & eggs Canal boats of Venice Ferrari racing cool shades pasta pictures Italian lunch food. Watch the Italian job Make flags!
2009-01-14 09:55:17
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jandismommie:  Valentine's day Baking-Bake heart shape cookies or cupcakes. Have red, pink, white, and chocolate sprinkles. Arts and Crafts-Make cards for the parents. You can buy multicolored sticker hearts so the boys can use blue, green, yellow, etc. Games-Heart scavenger hunt, pin the heart on cupid, or Valentines bowling. Take empty soda bottles and tape pictures of cupid, hearts, etc on the front then have the kids roll a ball to see how many they can knock down. Snow Party Baking-bake snowflake cookies or snowflake rice crispy treats Arts and Crafts-Make snowflakes from paper, sock snowmen, or make snowflake magnet. Games-Snow ball toss-Give the kids white ping pong balls and have them try and toss them into a basket. Snowflake match-Have different snowflakes and have them try to match them. Snowflake scavenger hunt.
2009-01-15 10:01:43