ideas for Valentines day- EASY QUESTION?

ideas for Valentines day- EASY QUESTION?
I need a good idea for and arts and craft project. I want to make something cute for my boyfriend that in in the NAVY. Something cool.. Please answer easy 10 pointer!!!


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ktamewitz:  I did this for my boyfriend for xmas. Make a CD with songs that remind you of him, or you guys as a couple. Print out the lyrics to each song and put them in a binder, and make a collage of pictures of you two and put it in the front. My boyfriend loved it!!
2009-01-13 10:58:54
Rosie:  You can do an abbreviated scrapbook (you can actually find one in Walmarts that is the NAVY) and put together you're history together, how you met, first date, etc. Relatively cheap, easy and romantic.
2009-01-13 11:11:16