What should I get my boyfriend for valentines day?

What should I get my boyfriend for valentines day?
My boyfriend and I are the same age, we are in the seventh grade and I don't know what to get him. Anything from arts and crafts to something from the store would be awesome. My budget is around 15 dollars give or take. Thank you so much!


Alyssa R:  A big bag of valentines day candy and a first kiss.
2009-02-04 09:36:35
Steph:  Give him a nice watch or a mix cd of songs that remind you of him or the two of you. You could also take him to see a movie, or you can hand make something for him(arts and crafts) and get creative. :) Good Luck!
2009-02-04 09:37:22
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stephaniekayewilson:  Okay, I just came up with these two last week for my boyfriend... 1. I always save my favorite texts from him. So I wrote them all out on loose leaf paper, used glue stick, and pasted them onto construction paper. So he knows what he says that makes me smile! 2. - Get a small glass jar from a craft store (tops $3.00) - Get cheap red or pink ribbon, and anything sweet and cute you can find to decorate the jar - Decorate it nicely. For example, I used beads with letters to spell out "name loves name" and glue stuck them onto the ribbon. I also made two bows at the top of the jar and around the cover - Cut one small heart out of any kind of paper - When you give it to your significant other, say "this represents how many times I think about you during the day, just once." They will get easily angered, so quickly tell them that "I think about you from the moment that I open my eyes and a smile spreads across my face, until my last moment of consciousness at night". - If it's far in advance and you're bored, you can always cut out as many hearts as necessary to fill up the jar and say that "this jar couldn't hold any more hearts, it just doesn't do you justice". The links sourced are my finished jar
2009-02-11 21:37:12