What do you think of my Valentine's day gift for my boyfriend?

What do you think of my Valentine's day gift for my boyfriend?
This is our first valentine's day together (technically not spending it together though, sadly). He lives in another state (6 hours away). We met on the internet 10 months ago but haven't really started "talking" to each other until the school semester started around September. We made "us" official around Christmastime :) We webcam and talk on the phone for hours, and text all day long. We are very serious about this long distance relationship and plan to make it work. We've devoted and invested a lot of time and effort and we want to spend our future together. He plans to come visit me this summer. We are both mature adults, still in college (He is 19, and I am 21). Anyways, we are both each other's very first Valentines and we wanted to make each other's day very special. According to my friend (whom he went to in secret, to ask for help), he is sending me a huge bouquet of orchids (worth more than $50, which are my fav. flowers) and he also made me something homemade and is sending me his hoodie with his scent on it. I bought him a Spongebob Snuggie (Spongebob is one of his most favorite things), and a Sock Monkey Hat (because I know he loves hats), which totalled around $25. I will spray them with my perfume so he knows what I smell like, too :) I feel like my gift is small compared to his though, so I also want to bake him a batch of his favorite cookies and mail them to him. I was planning to create a little arts&crafts thing such as a Love Coupon Book, which little things like "Good for one free homemade dinner, Good for one breakfast in bed, etc" IDK :( Should I do more? Should I just send the things I bought and not do anything else? I'm a horrible baker but I feel like I should also do something personal and heartfelt :/ HELP PLEASE?


guitarvirgin:  If you were my woman and you gave me all that crap and rubbish I would want to puke.
2011-02-10 17:05:53
Cagney Holbrook:  Here are some good homemade suggestions for your boyfriend: Puzzle Make him a homemade puzzle. Draw a picture and cut it out different ways and let him work it to read what it says! Full Body Massage Make him a coupon that says naughty full body massage only good for tonight. ;) Photo Collage Draw a bunch of things on small pieces of paper and tape them to construction paper or poster board. Calendar Put pictures for each month and write out your special dates and memories. Memory Box Fill it with special things from your relationship. Baked Goods Bake your man something good. A Gift Basket of Love Fill a gift basket with homemade items. Bottle Full of Hearts Fold hearts or cut out extremely small hearts and put them inside a bottle. Tie ribbons around the top of the bottle of many colors. Attach a note. Bedside Note or Poem Write a note or poem for your boyfriend and stick it beside the bed when he is sleeping Little gift box. Most local dollar stores offer little gift boxes that are decorative and inexpensive. Then just be creative! You can fill it with his favorite chocolates, candy, coffee, a small stuffed animal, and even add something pertaining to his hobby like guitar picks or drum sticks, even sports memorabilia. Wrap it in cellophane and add a card and bow. It's quick, creative and yummy too! Movie for 2! Another relatively inexpensive gift is a movie for 2 dinner date. All you need to do is pick up a movie, you can either rent it or buy him his favorite movie. Get a plastic bowl from the dollar store and some popcorn (microwave or already popped) place the movie, popcorn and add a few chocolates like chocolate kisses in the bowl and wrap it with cellophane. This is a fun gift because you both can cuddle up watch the movie and eat the popcorn it's a casual date and a unique gift! Photo Books Take construction paper and put pictures on each page. Make a cover for your book. Hole punch the side of the page and run ribbon through it. Tie it. Homemade Pillow Case Decorate a pillow case with fabric markers. Small box with Kisses. You can get a small box like a small gift box and fill it with 365 chocolate kisses! Then add a little note explaining that he now can have a kiss everyday of the year from you. This is a great idea especially for those long distance relationships. Pictures. Another great gift idea is to take a picture of you and your boyfriend or even just one of yourself and have it framed nicely. If he has his own place it would be a great addition don't you think? Good luck! :) I think you have a great idea going though. However, I wouldn't go for the coupon book because you don't get to see him often.
2011-02-10 17:08:55
Hunnycomb5:  I think all that is adorable!!!!
2011-02-10 17:09:41
Katie:  That sounds really cute(: I would make him cookies and make him a card or something alone with the other things. If they aren't good cookies it's the thought that counts right?(:
2011-02-10 17:10:28