Can anyone help me find this or know how to do this? DIY Arts and Crafts?

Can anyone help me find this or know how to do this? DIY Arts and Crafts?
Hi, many many months ago i stumbled upon several pictures that taught me how to do this amazing DIY project in which you take a painting or a photo and you like cut out your saying and you frame it or whatever and stupid me didnt bookmark the page. I wanted to do this for my boyfriend for valentines day and the only thing close enough to what im talking about is in the link below. BUT THATS NOT IT! It didn't require any fabric and it could be whatever quote YOU wanted, not some stencil thing. Just a painting and your stenciled or maybe it was traced out quote (im pretty sure) Does anyone know how to do this the way im describing or does anyone possess the link? The link that resembles what im talking about but is NOT it: This one is closer to what i'm looking for but again this uses fabric and this wasnt really how you would make it. Its number 5/39 pictures that are there:


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jwong71091:  You could stop by some schools, colleges, businesses, stores and etc. that deals with or specializes in Arts or Crafts to see if they could give some advice and information on how to do this There are also many online forums for Arts and Crafts...You can ask them for any advice and information Arts Craft forum Good luck and I hope this will help
2012-02-01 17:52:42