What can I make for Valentines Day?! Easy 10 points?

What can I make for Valentines Day?! Easy 10 points?
I am artistic, I love to bake, but i don't have any money. I want to make something for each of my family members. It could be some kind of craft, a fast recipe on fudge.....i dont know. I need your ideas!! And if I were to make something it would have to be laying around the house. I have tons of art supplies.....Valentines day is tomorrow. I do have time to make something though.....i already made each of them a card. Easy ten points plz give me some ideas! Thnx(:


OH!:  Make bracelets with your name and the your family members name with two hearts. and on top of that you could make them heart shaped cookies =) I think that's really cute It's pretty simple and it says I love you, Plus anything you make with your hands has sentimental value. http://iambaker.net/valentines-day-round-up
2012-02-13 13:21:23
Molly:  I don't know what ingredients you have lying around, so I can't suggest a recipe to you. http://www.supercook.com/ lets you search by ingredient, so you could make something edible. One thing I recently learned about is making your own scratch-off valentine. What you do is mix two parts acrylic paint with one part dish soap. Making any sort of jewelry or a keychain would be very nice. You could make picture frames and put family pictures in them Instructables.com has great ideas on things you can make. Look under the "Living" section and then "Holidays" for Valentine-specific ideas.
2012-02-13 13:24:14